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We are Add the Colour

We are changing the way you go for coffee in Brighton. We're bright, open, spacious, very comfortable and flexible... we really listen to you... and we really like listening to you.

We're very proud of the fact that we are incredibly child friendly, there is superb access for prams and a nice collection of books and toys to keep your small people amused, changing facilities, kids drinks and snacks and a changing room that you can get your pram into.

Over the summer we have story time every morning on a Tuesday and a Thursday from 11am read by a local primary school teacher.

As well as this we promote and sell images from local amateur photographers. Our images are framed and ready to go at a very competitive price.

If you have an appreciation for photography and would like to sample some fantastic tea, coffee, and wine, in a relaxed atmosphere .....then come and add some colour.

We are located at 64-65 North Road in the Laines. Many of you will know this as the old parking permit office. Do note that we are both child friendly and have full disabled facilites.

If you are a local photographer and are interested in showing your images or have an idea of what you might want featured in the café please contact me through the contact us page. Please don't worry if you're not a professional, you don't have to get paid a lot of money to be able to take a good picture.

To save you the hassle of the contact page, the closest good parking is £1.20 an hour on Cheapside near the station. Use "Mangalore way" in your Satnav or Bing maps... not google... google will send you to India and the coffee there isn't as good as mine especially if you have to fly Emirates.

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